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R12and2 Life Coaching Network commits to:

  • Partner with clients as they harvest their passions and dreams and create action steps and resources to help those dreams come true.

  • Partner with clients to identify and understand their unique wiring, gifts, passions and values that drive and determine behavior.

  • Brainstorm with clients on large and small steps they can take in order to walk closer toward their goals.

  • Partner with clients to identify limiting beliefs and/or lies that have been lurking deep inside and replace them with opportunity and truth.

  • Enjoy the victory clients experience when they maneuver around an obstacle in their personal or professional lives that has been causing them to remain stuck and feel unproductive.

  • Hold with great humility the privilege and responsibility that comes when permitted by a client to hear something voiced out loud perhaps for the very first time.

  • Stand solidly next to clients to partner together as they face and name the fear that is holding them back and then strategize how to replace it with opportunity.

  • Celebrate goals checked off the list that have been causing the client to procrastinate a life choice, career transition, project or decision.

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