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“Not only did my R12and2 Coach help me realign my vision, she gave me the tools to help execute it and sustain it.”


“Divorce was never an option for us.  We just needed the necessry resources to help us get to a place of true understanding of what marriage is.  Now we appreciate our oneness without compromising our individual identities .”


"I started The INCubator program and I am 11 months in.  I have my business license, marketing knowledge and I am building my client base."


“My R12and2 coach didn't make me feel like a total failure.  But took where I was in life and helped me to refocus on what was really significant to my dreams and goals.”


“I had a good work ethic but could not figure out why I was not getting promoted on my job.  After coaching with my R12and2 coach I  was promoted 9 months later.”


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