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Let's Collaborate!

The INCubator is a collaborative effort between potential entrepenuers and R12and2. It is an intensive 18-month program that will offer a variety of needed services to low-to-moderate families desiring to launch a business in their community.  The INCubator seeks to ensure that we help our clients attain their goals by using best practices and providing the best evaluation tools and other form of guidance that will be helpful to our clients. We have set processes and structures in place that enable our team best interpret your community economy and use this in helping our clients become the success they intend to be.

Our Vision Statement - Our vision is to help our clients achieve their entrepreneurial goals of breaking into the market, securing investment or getting acquired. We hope to achieve a 90% success rate. We also intend to become the preferred organization for start-up and growth companies in the US.


Our Mission Statement - To ensure that our clients are provided with a low-impact fee structure, great mentoring as well as have competent team members and resources to help them achieve success.

We know that there is no one best incubation practice that would suit all our clients and ensure that they become a success and so in this regard, we intend to have a synergy of multiple policies and services to have optimal outcomes that will be most suitable for specific clients’ needs. To achieve all these, we have built a program structure that is guaranteed to ensure that The INCubator runs smoothly and that we are able to achieve what we set out to do. In order to ensure that we achieve a high level of productivity, we will incorporate the plethora of community resources located right in Acworth.

The client selection process will involve a vetting method to determine the most viable candidates for business success in our community.  Annually we select between 20-25 families or individuals who express a deep desire and passion for community development through an entrepreneurial opportunity.

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