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The INCubator Offers

Many of the clients we encounter are lacking knowledge and resources.  The INCubator will offer helpful business basics and knowledge transfer from SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). We will also provide:

  • Networking opportunities

  • Marketing assistance

  • High-speed Internet access

  • Accounting/financial management assistance

  • Access to bank loans, loan funds and guarantee programs

  • Help with presentation skills

  • Connections to higher education resources

  • Connections to strategic partners
  • Access to angel investors or venture capital

  • Comprehensive business training programs

  • Advisory boards and mentors

  • Management team identification

  • Help with business etiquette

  • Technology commercialization assistance

  • Shared office space.





The INCubator provides these diverse benefits to startup entrepreneurs meeting the program criteria. Providing office space solves several problems for startups. Mainly, it allows them to find a professional space for them to collaborate with their team and The INCubator.

Knowledge transfer is critical to our clients as many have the concept or idea of the business, they desire to launch but do not possess the business knowledge to launch. We offer an experienced team of savvy industry SMEs to help the client stay focused and avoid mistakes. We additionally provide mentors with specific startup experience that can help explain process, planning, and decision criteria -- all while steering new entrepreneurs away from costly mistakes they made or witnessed.

One of the key services offered by THE INCubator is group training and education. Our business incubator model offers an array of important business training spanning from legal advice on startup documents, incorporation terms, or IP issues to general business challenges like how to ship a product, establish a quality culture, or establish sales and marketing processes.  We also incorporate training in accounting, banking, and marketing.

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